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  • Curwen Careers Day

    Published 24/07/17
    Aims By the end of Curwen’s careers day we would like the children to: -Have an increased awareness of the variety of jobs in the world. -Become more aware of the skills needed for the job they think they would like when they are olde
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  • KS1 Summer Concert

    Published 21/07/17

    What a lively and energetic key stage 1 summer concert it was to ring in the end of the year!

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  • EYFS Summer Jungle Concert

    Published 18/07/17

    The children in Nursery and Reception put on an amazing end of year performance.

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  • NFL flag tournament

    Published 14/07/17

    Flag Football Tournament at Chiswick

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  • Newham Place of Worship Competition

    Published 27/06/17

    Reception wins place of worhsip competition

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  • Maths Open Morning & Workshop

    Published 21/06/17
    On Monday we hosted an Open Morning for Maths, and were delighted by the number of parents and carers who were able to come along and join us. The beaming faces of the children made it clear that they were very excited to do their work alongside fami
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  • Newham Spelling Bee Competition

    Published 15/06/17

    Spelling Bee Competition at Elmhurst Primary

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  • Children's University Graduation

    Published 13/06/17
    A HUGE congratulations to Ayla (4S), Britz (4M), Michelle (2W), Rohan (2K), Aira (4S), Agboola (4M), Ola (3B), Ivy (5B), Janice (1M), Anthony (5SA), Adrian (3H) and Sudad (3H) who graduated from the Children's University. The children collecte
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  • Spanish Trip Update

    Published 06/06/17

    Follow our Spanish trip blog updates here

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  • Message for Parents and Carers

    Published 05/06/17


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  • Year 1 Phonics Open Morning

    Published 01/06/17
    Last week, parents spent the morning with their children learning phonics in their various groups. Parents observed and participated in a variety of activities including how to use ‘Fred talk’ to sound out unknown words and how to look fo
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  • Family Bike Club

    Published 30/05/17

    Our weekly Family Bike Club

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  • Cuellar Spain 2017

    Published 24/05/17

    What Parents/Guardians and Students need to know

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  • Beginning the journey for road safety

    Published 10/05/17

    Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTAs) are encouraging their classmates to get active and stay out of harms way between home and school.

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  • Curwen attends Newham Poetry Group

    Published 10/05/17

    School is cool because....

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