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Y3 Termly update & photos

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  • Spring 1 Update

    Published 06/03/19, by Nazmin Choudhury
    Topic In Topic, Year 3 have been learning all about ancient Egypt. We started off the topic by enjoying a Now Press Play experience. We were taken back to ancient Egyptian times and were fully immersed in a story, which we acted out and learnt all
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  • Autumn 2 Update

    Published 17/12/18, by Nazmin Choudhury
    In Literacy, Year 3 have been learning about mystery stories. We looked at what the features of a mystery story are. We read a few different mystery stories and really enjoyed acting them out.     When we acted out the stor
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  • Autumn 1 Update

    Published 25/09/18, by Nazmin Choudhury
    Plants and the Plants Lifecycle  In science this term we are learning plants and their lifecycle. We learned the different parts of a flower by acting them out. This really helped us to remember all the difficult words. Drama also helped us t
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  • Summer 2 Update

    Published 25/06/18, by Nazmin Choudhury
    This half term, Year 3 have been learning about various types of natural disasters, especially earthquakes and volcanoes. As part of this children investigated the effects of different natural disasters and then used drama to act out the possible con
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  • Summer 1 Update

    Published 07/06/18, by Nazmin Choudhury
    This half-term Year 3 visited the Natural History Museum to find out more about our Geography topic - Volcanoes and Earthquakes. We looked at how these devastating natural disasters are formed and what happens during the event of a volcanic eruption
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  • Spring 2 Update

    Published 28/03/18, by Noori Khanom
    Maths In maths this term we started learning about negative numbers. We used concrete resources to help us work out addition and subtraction calculations with negative numbers. We started by thinking of -1 as a hole in the ground and 1 as a lump o
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  • Spring 1 Update

    Published 06/02/18, by Noori Khanom
    In History, this term Year 3 has been learning about Ancient Egypt. What an interesting topic this has been! We found out why people settled by the River Nile thousands of years ago. It was great fun to act out the different ways ancient Egyptians us
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  • Autumn 2

    Published 19/01/18, by Noori Khanom
    EE Challenge Day During our EE challenge day, Year 3 have been making and selling healthy snacks. We had scrumptious fruit kebabs, healthy vegie bites, delicious cheesy crackers and muesli. We learnt how to make a product, advertise it, make it pr
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  • Autumn 1

    Published 21/11/17, by Noori Khanom
    In science this term we looked at plants and their lifecycle. We learned the different parts of a flower by acting them out. This really helped us to remember all the difficult words. Drama also helped us to understand the processes of pollination, f
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  • Summer Update

    Published 24/07/17, by Matthew Gowdy

    Science made fun and Early British history

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  • Spring Update

    Published 08/03/17, by Noori Khanom
    In Science we also learned about pushing and pulling forces. We worked with a partner to see how these forces work in everyday life. We found out that when we pushed or pulled each other with the same amount of force, no one moved. In MMS
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  • Autumn update

    Published 23/11/16, by Matthew Gowdy

    Celebrating John Curwen, Literacy with a twist and Science

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  • Summer upate

    Published 11/07/16, by Matthew Gowdy

    Learning about the stone age and vistiing the Roald Dhal museum

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  • Spring update

    Published 18/05/16, by Matthew Gowdy

    This term in Year 3, we have been learning about natural disasters. We have talked about current issues and the devastation caused by storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and fires.

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  • Autumn 2

    Published 14/12/15, by Matthew Gowdy

    Anti-Bullying, clay and religion.

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