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Curwen Primary School


Autumn update

Celebrating John Curwen, Literacy with a twist and Science

In Year 3, we have celebrated the 200th birthday of John Curwen. We have learned that he is still famous today for the hand signs (Tonic-sol fa) method of teaching music. We also learned that our school was named after him due to his successful printing business in Plaistow. During these celebrations we created fact files about him and learned a song using the hand signs.

Literacy came to life in year three when the children entered Mr Uddin’s classroom.  Was it a classroom or was it a cinema where a crime was committed?  The children looked for clues and were able to describe the scene. All ideas collected during this lesson children then used to create and write their own mystery story.

In Science, we have been learning about the way in which plants take up nutrients from the soil.  They have used   tissue, water and food colouring to demonstrate how the water molecules travel from the soil to the root.

In our spelling sessions we have been learning about suffixes that can change the meaning of root words. First we learned what singular and plural means and then we sorted some words into the correct category. Then we followed the spelling rules and used the correct suffix to change words from singular to plural.