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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 1


This term in Maths Year 3 explored the place value of numbers. We used various concrete resources to represent numbers in different ways. Once we were confident with our place value knowledge, we started applying it to calculations. For example, we used dienes to multiply numbers by 10. This helped us to see how each digit in the number is becoming 10 times bigger.


In topic, we have been learning about our local area.  We learnt that we live in Plaistow (a town), which is within Newham (a borough), which itself is within London (a city). We have been completing lots of fun exploratory activities including creating an online map, working as teams to make a circle of places called ‘This is where we live!’ and completing a Now Press Play interactive session.


The first unit of literacy we explored this half term was writing a non-chronological report related to our topic ‘Our Local Area’. Using the vocabulary and research from our topic lessons, these cross-curricular links helped us write about Newham’s parks, libraries and schools in detail. We also made sure to include features of a non-chronological report like subheadings, paragraphs and even a ‘Did you know?’ fact.