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Curwen Primary School


Summer 1


This term in Geography we have been learning all about volcanoes! We looked at the different features of Earth’s structure, tectonic plates and the effects of natural disasters on people and the environment. We have also completed some exciting work including locating the 7 main tectonic plates on a world map, labelling volcanoes and creating our own models of erupting volcanoes. The children learned that volcanic eruptions begin deep inside the Earth and are beginning to explain the process using geographical vocabulary such as magma, vent and crater.


In literacy, we have been writing fictional stories in which we are on a school trip abroad and a volcanic eruption occurs. This has given us the opportunity to create and use lots of really interesting expanded noun phrases and similes. To help make our stories as ‘explosive’ as possible, we completed lots of planning together using our teamwork and communication skills. It has been really fun this term getting to link our stories to what we are learning about in Geography.


We’ve had a busy half term looking at the four operations, and revisited fractions. We applied our knowledge addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to a variety of 2-step problems, working really hard to understand word problems and the operation needed to solve them. We covered identifying and shading fractions, as well as equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominators.