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Curwen Primary School


Summer Update

Science made fun and Early British history

During Family Week Year 3 enjoyed a day of Science where we had great fun exploring and investigating the world around us. We carried out an experiment to find out which drinks contained acid and therefore were not good for our teeth. To do this, we added a few drops of cabbage water to different drinks and observed how the colour changed. Those with high acidity turned red. We found out that fizzy drinks contain acid. After the experiment we concluded, that it is important to brush our teeth and reduce the amount of fizzy drinks as the acid in them can make our teeth rot away.

We also learned about forces that can keep objects in the air. To see how these forces work we made kites with tissue paper, sticks and string. It was very exciting to fly our kites outside and watch how the force of the wind moves them through the air.

In 3B, we learned about global warming and how it affects our planet. We looked at difference power sources and how producing electricity can sometimes cause pollution which harms our environment. To find out more about alternative power sources, we explored making circuits using solar panels, batteries and… lemons! Yes, lemons! To our amazement, we saw that fruit and vegetables like lemons and potatoes can act like power sources.

On Friday 16th June Year 3 took part in a whole day workshop about changes in British history from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We were so lucky to be able to handle some very old artefacts like this bone in the picture that is thousands of years old. It was so interesting and exciting to find out how people lived in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages and how their lives changed with time. We had lots of fun hunting woolly mammoths and building Stonehenge.