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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2

EE Challenge Day

During our EE challenge day, Year 3 have been making and selling healthy snacks. We had scrumptious fruit kebabs, healthy vegie bites, delicious cheesy crackers and muesli. We learnt how to make a product, advertise it, make it presentable and then sell it. It was a really fun way to learn about expenditure, income and profit.


In literacy this term we have been working on understanding new vocabulary. We have been using dictionaries to find the meaning of unknown words and then acted them out. Using actions really helped us to understand the words and remember their meaning. We then used our vocabulary knowledge to explain what the writer is trying to say (authorial intent).


In Autumn 2 we did lots of fun learning in maths.  We have been using different methods to work out addition and subtraction calculations. One way that we learnt to do this was by using resources to add and take away.








We did a lot of work on fractions including being able to find the fraction of an amount. We used a method called zoom zonk replace to do this, which is great fun!

We investigated the properties of 3D shapes, including looking at lines of symmetry.

Calculating questions with words has been another area of our learning.  This requires us to read the question carefully, identify what the key information is in the question. Finally, choose the correct calculation to work out the answer.