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Curwen Primary School


Spring 1 Update


In Topic, Year 3 have been learning all about ancient Egypt. We started off the topic by enjoying a Now Press Play experience. We were taken back to ancient Egyptian times and were fully immersed in a story, which we acted out and learnt all about life in ancient Egypt!

We were also lucky enough to enjoy a trip to the British Museum to analyse artefacts from ancient Egypt, as well as learning about the roles in ancient Egyptian society, the pyramids and the mummification of bodies.


In Literacy this term we have been learning about Sci-Fi stories. First, we read some Sci-Fi stories and identified the features.  Then we created settings for our own sci-fi story. We looked at some possible settings and described them using adjectives and similes. We also used thesauruses to find other adjectives to help us create a more powerful description. This helped us to build wide a vocabulary bank which we then used to write our own Sci-Fi stories.


During maths this term, we have been learning how to partition numbers and multiply them by single digit numbers using the grid method. We have also been learning about combination problems- for example, we used 3 colours to create as many different combinations of sports kits as possible. We have also been looking at fractions by ordering them from smallest to largest and finding fractions of different amounts.