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Curwen Primary School


Spring 1 Update

During Topic we have been learning about Ancient Egypt! We have learnt about how essential the River Nile was for the Egyptians, the roles and the hierarchy in Egyptian society and we have looked at a range of Egyptian artefact and considered how they were used in the past. We have also visited the British Museum where we got to see real sarcophagus’s, canopic jars, Egyptian jewellery and A REAL MUMMY!

In Maths this half term we have been learning about angles and turns. We had great fun creating our own Right Angle Munchers that we used to identify right angles around the classroom. Our little monsters also helped us to find angles greater than and smaller than a right angle.

In Year3, we have been discussing the use of plastic carrier bags.  The children have been encouraged, to do research and to use persuasive language, to make a flyer expressing the harm plastic causes to the environment.    We expect to use the information, to write persuasive letters of concern to supermarkets.