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Curwen Primary School


Spring update

This term in Year 3, we have been learning about natural disasters. We have talked about current issues and the devastation caused by storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and fires.

We visited the Natural History Museum, where we explored volcanoes and earthquakes. The pupils really enjoyed finding out more information about Mary Anning and her research into rocks and fossils. Each class also visited the section showing the layers of the Earth. As we have learnt about the Earth in class, it was great to see a large model, where we could explain their knowledge.

Last week we made our own volcanoes using plastic bottles and paper mache. We then painted the outside to look like a volcano and discussed the key parts of its structure. The most exciting part of the lesson was when we recreated an eruption using baking soda and vinegar. This helped us understand how the lava travels up the main vent and out of the crater. Some of the lava travelled to secondary vents and came out of the side of the volcano. A large part of our learning has been based on how we would feel if we experienced these disasters.