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Curwen Primary School


Spring Update

In year 4 our spring term topic we learnt about rivers from all over the world from the Thames to the Amazon.

As part of our learning we learnt all about the features of rivers. We also learnt how rivers can change over time.

To support us in our learning, we went on a trip to the Thames in Greenwich to go mud larking. We searched the foreshore of the river to retrieve interesting artefacts from hundreds of years ago. In the Victorian times, children who were the same age as us had to mud lark to provide for their families.

As well as mud larking, we learnt that the Thames is a tidal river, which is why ancient artefacts are washed up on the shore. We had the opportunity to look at artefacts from Victorian times and Roman times. It was fascinating! When we got back to school, we used our experience to help us write a newspaper report about mud larking.

Henley-on-Thames river trip

Wow! What a fantastic term we’ve had in topic! As a part of our river module the children had the opportunity to go to Henley, Oxfordshire, to learn more about the Thames outside of London. During the topic, we have looked at the different stages a river goes through and the features of a river, so it was brilliant for children to see all of this up close.

At the beginning of the day, the children worked inside a classroom where different activities about rivers were set up for the children to use. Here, they showed how deposition and transportation works and how it affects a river, how we as humans have affected the Thames through industry and leisure, identified where landmarks and features can be found on the Thames and how rain plays a huge part in the formation of a river.

We were then taken on a walk along Henley’s tow path to see the features we have been learning about in the classroom. The children were able to confidently answer the questions asked by our guide, whilst showing the values and respect Curwen Primary School pupils consistently show on all educational trips.

After this fun-filled day out, it is safe to say the children (and even the teachers) are now river experts!

International Week

We had an action packed end to the term with our International Week celebrations. Each class focused on a different South American countries; Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Guyana. We learnt about their cultures, environment, history, religion, food and languages. Our mini worlds covered a wide range of activities including football, jewellery making, food tasting, dancing and art. It was a huge success!

As well as being well represented the fashion show and food competition Year 4 also embraced the Curwen Carnival! The children’s dance rehearsals over the term paid off as they dazzled in the grand finale of the week! They transformed themselves into 120 tropical birds and wowed the crowd with their carefully choreographed, perfectly timed moves!