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Curwen Primary School


Summer 1

At the beginning of our Summer term, we have continued to explore our love of reading, moving onto our 5th class book of the year! We have been investigating authorial intent; asking ‘why’ and ‘how’ an author has created certain elements of their work.  Our grammar lessons have continued alongside this, broadening our range of suffixes and prefixes, as well as exploring different ‘points of view’.  Bringing the various strands of literacy lessons together, we learned about a new form of writing; the play script.  Using our books as inspiration, children created original scripts which were then performed in class! 


In maths, Year 4 have been learning to apply multiplication and division facts to different problems. We have also been learning how to convert units of measure and recognise equivalences. We have been focussing on the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and how to identify regular and irregular shapes.

This term in science, we have been learning about electricity. We discussed how the use of electricity has changed how we live our daily lives and also identified electrical dangers and hazards. We have learned what an electrical circuit is made up of and what these components look like by making our own! While experimenting with making electrical circuits, we learned about how conductors (such as copper) allow electricity to pass through them; whereas insulators (such as wool) do not allow electricity to pass through.