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Curwen Primary School


Spring 1


In literacy, we have been exploring poetry throughout our lessons. We began by reading a range of poetry and learned about different poetic features used by poets in their writing. Next, we identified those features within other poems, explored why the author might have chosen to use the feature and the effect it had on the reader. We have practised our creative writing within the format of poetry, creating poetry based around the theme of empathy. The children have practised performing their poetry to an audience, focusing on the clarity and expression of their delivery and building confidence in speaking in front of others. Finally, we have up-levelled our work by editing our poetry, exploring vocabulary and poetic features further to build on our success.


In maths, we started the term be revisiting the 4 operations. We looked at different methods to calculate maths stories using all 4 operations, including column addition and subtraction, the grid method and the bus stop method. We then learnt about decimal numbers and considered how these relate to fractions. We challenged ourselves by learning about the order of operations. This involved looking at maths stories with multiple operations, and identifying which order to complete the operations to successfully calculate the answer. This really tested our problem solving and reasoning skills!


This term in history, we are learning about Ancient Benin. We compared ancient and modern maps of Africa and were able to identify and understand why Benin and other surrounding countries have changed so much over time. We discussed the importance of maps and were also able to explore globes. We have had the opportunity to look at different events in history and use our history skills to identify and place them in chronological order, from the earliest to the most recent.