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Curwen Primary School


Summer 2


In literacy, we continued to read our class text and applied our reading and writing skills to the stories. Texts that we read include: Wonder, The Explorer, The BFG and Journey to The River Sea. We continued to build on our learning of authorial intent and considered why the author chose to write in a specific way and the impact words have on the reader. We created some imaginative writing based on our stories and incorporated our learning on using fronted adverbials, inverted commas and using a comma to show a main and subordinate clause in our writing. We focused on understanding the subject, object and verb in sentences and using the correct verb tense in our writing.


In maths, we learnt how to answer maths questions involving money. We calculated total amounts of money, converted pence into pounds and worked out change from a given amount of money. We also learnt how to add, subtract and multiply negative and positive numbers. Building on from our previous learning on fractions, we calculated fractions of an amount, ordered fractions in ascending and descending order, and understood the relationship between fractions and mixed numbers. Moving on from this, we then converted fractions into decimals numbers. We also completed maths stories with decimal numbers in them using the column method.


This term in geography, we learnt about South America and the Amazon. We were able to name and locate the different countries in South America and identified the different countries that the Amazon rainforest covers. We learnt facts about the Amazon river and were able to make comparisons with the river Thames. We linked our geography topic to science, where we learnt about food chains. We discovered possible predators and prey in the rainforest and created our own food chains. Lastly, we looked at how the Amazon is being affected by deforestation and other environmental issues. As a class, we worked to come up with constructive ways to prevent the destruction of the rainforest.