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Curwen Primary School


Spring 2


During Literacy, we have continued to read a whole class text, where we have linked our skimming and scanning skills and inference skills using the A.P.E writing format (Answer, Proof, Explain). This has helped us gain a deeper understanding of the books we are reading and the characters' feelings throughout. In grammar, we have been consolidating our understanding and application of conjunctions to extend and improve our sentences. These sentences linked to International Week, where we learnt about the various species of animals that live in the Amazon rainforest. We have also looked at identifying prepositions and determiners. 

We also celebrated World Book Day where we got to share the books we love to read at home!






This term in Maths, we have been working with BIDMAS to understand the order in which to attempt complex Maths stories, including: brackets, combination problems and working systematically. We have also been learning about  shapes and angles within them, as well as calculating the area and perimeter of a 2D shape. We have explored data and the different ways we can show or share data through bar charts, pie charts and line graphs (this has been linked to our Geography fieldwork too). We have begun to use key vocabulary when talking about data including explicit and implicit information.






This term for our geography topic, we have been carrying out fieldwork. The children went to Battersea Park to carry out a comparison of Newham and Chelsea. Before carrying out the fieldwork, we looked at data and research about the two areas. This included levels of pollution and greenery. During the field trip, we made our own conclusions about the area, rating the levels of cleanliness, greenery and other aspects. In geography lessons we then discussed how our findings compared with the research and presented the information we gathered. We also made observations about the river Thames on our fieldwork trip, to introduce our new  topic on rivers. 

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