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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2


In literacy we have been writing stories about a gladiator battle. We applied our learning in History about ancient Rome to be able to create an exciting narrative to engage the reader! First of all, we planned our story, then we wrote the story in the 1st person, as if we were entering the Amphitheatre, ready to face the gladiator. In our description, we used lots of literary features, such as similes and alliteration and tried to describe all of our senses. Innovation was the most important core skill we use as we explored ambitious vocabulary and literary features to make our writing interesting and effective.


This term we looked at dividing numbers and were introduced to using the bus stop method (compact method) to help us successfully divide larger numbers and to solve tricky division problems. We learnt that a remainder is what is left over when a number cannot be split equally into groups and practised applying this knowledge to solve reasoning problems. We also began looking at fractions by understanding how many fractions make a whole and how to find equivalent fractions.  We learnt to apply the rule “the bigger the denominator, the smaller the fraction” when comparing the size of unit fractions. We used our teamwork skills when we worked with our partners to consolidate new concepts.



Year 4 have continued to investigate the Romans throughout history lessons this term. We have been building on the initial research and knowledge gained from last term and looked in more depth at the impact the Romans had on Britain. We even invade each other’s classrooms to help us understand what an invasion would feel like. We explored what made them such a successful empire and how they came to dominate Europe and parts of Asia and north Africa. We have focused on the Curwen Core Skill of empathy, thinking about how different people might have felt about the Roman invasion. During computing lessons, we researched Boudicca, our significant person for this half term and created a presentation about her on Google Slides.