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Curwen Primary School


Spring 1


In literacy we have been learning about poetry. We explored different poems and studied poetic features such as metaphors, similes and personification. We used what we learnt to create our own poems about empathy. We thought about our own experiences and used them to think about what empathy looks like to us. Every child performed their poem in front of their class and each class chose a winner. Congratulations to (4A), (4G) (4GM), (4M) who were the Year 4 winners!


In maths this half term, we have learnt about the value of decimal points. We learnt how to convert decimals and fractions and solved a range of reasoning problems involving decimals. We also recapped the four operations and progressed to adding and subtracting with decimal numbers. We have learnt how to use column multiplication to help us solve problems with 2 and 3 digit numbers. We have used the skill of ‘striving for success’ to learn our times tables. More and more children have been achieving their silver and gold awards and many children have now begun the platinum challenge!


In our geography topic, Year 4 have been learning about Rivers. We visited the River Lea as a part of our geography topic on rivers. We learnt about where rives begin and end as well as some of the wildlife that use rivers. We also learnt that the River Lea is a tributary river as it flows into the River Thames. As part of the Thames Festival, an artist visited the school to help us create an art piece about our visit. In class we have carried out a number of investigations to help us understand concepts such as the water cycle and how erosion and deposition change rivers over time.