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Curwen Primary School


Spring 1 Update

In our year 4 Spring term topic we have begun to learn about rivers from all over the world, starting with the River Thames.

As part of our learning we have explored river features and also learnt how rivers can change over time.To support us in our learning, we visited the River Thames at Greenwich to go mud larking. We searched the banks of the river to retrieve interesting artefacts from hundreds of years ago. In the Victorian times, children who were the same age as us had to mud lark to provide for their families.

As well as mud larking, we learnt that the Thames is a tidal river, which is why ancient artefacts are washed up on the shore. We had the opportunity to look at artefacts from Victorian and Roman periods. It was fascinating! When we got back to school, we used our experience to help us write a newspaper report about mud larking.


In Art, we have been exploring different artists and the different techniques and media they used, to create scenes of rivers from around the world.

We have also enjoyed our maths problem solving morning, during which we learnt the skills of trial and error, and attempted problems that have multiple answers. This helped to build our resilience and encouraged us to stay positive and not to give up.

The term ended with an exciting EE challenge day. This involved is working in small teams to create prototypes of a future mode of transport. We used communication and teamwork skills to generate the prototype, compromising through discussion and reasoning.