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Curwen Primary School


Spring 1 Update


In year 4 we have been learning about resilience and how to never give up. We’ve been doing some initial work on tangrams, trying to create shapes with more than one. It was really hard work, even for the teachers! However, we didn’t give up and we kept on trying. These tangrams are fun but tough!

We also consolidated our learning about area and perimeter. We started by finding out different shapes with an area given and then calculate their perimeter. We also tried the opposite, shapes that had the perimeter given and calculating the area. We finished with a competition in which we had to be really quick to answer questions related with the topic.



Year 4 has been learning about states of matter. We started by classifying different objects into solids, liquids and gases to explore our previous knowledge. We showed great memory as we could remember from last year how to do it. After, we learnt about the explanation behind the states. We learnt about particles and how these are organised in the different states. We even got to represent the particles.

We explored different objects to be able to write down the properties of them. It was a hands-on experience that allowed us to fully understand what was characteristic of the different states of matter.




As part of our Topic, Year 4 has been learning everything about the Kingdom of Benin. We had the opportunity to go to the Horniman Museum to explore the history of the Kingdom from the beginning until its end when the British looted, destroyed and took over. We also learnt about the artefacts and the trading between the people of Benin and some European countries. It was fascinating to learn about how the artefacts ended in England. This led us into a fantastic debate about whether we should keep the artefacts or give them back.



It’s been a busy half term in literacy. Year 4 has been learning all about poetry. We’ve been using similes, metaphors, personifications and many more literary devices. After building up confidence, we worked really hard to write our own poems to take part in the school poetry competition. Well done Yasser for representing Year 4. You were amazing and we are all very proud of you!

In the second half of the half term, we’ve been exploring newspapers and their features. We ended up writing a newspaper report about the invasion of Benin. We took our job as reporters very seriously, making sure that we interviewed witnesses to add quotes to our report.