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Curwen Primary School


Summer 1 Update


This term we have started learning about how to divide using bus stop method and chunking. It was fantastic to see how children were able to use their prior knowledge of using inverse and trial and error to work out division. It was a wonderful opportunity for teachers and support staff to see the pupils building their resilience whilst attempting challenging questions.



This term we wrote a narrative story about a plane crashing and landing in the Amazon rainforest. We recreated our classrooms to try and make it look like a rainforest as children were able to describe the rainforest using their senses. We linked it to our topic by using vocabularies our prior knowledge about the Amazon to make our stories exciting and engaging.



We enjoyed learning about the rivers this term.  It was really interesting to know how different features of a river have its own purpose. As part of our interactive learning, we acted out different parts of the river to help memorise their names. This was helpful as it made learning very fun and engaging.



As part of our science curriculum we have been leaning about animals and habitats. We enjoyed learning about animals so much that Year 4s visited the London zoo to see some of these animals in real life! This was an amazing experience as we were able to classify animals based on their characteristics.