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Curwen Primary School


Summer 2 Update

Year 4 has worked extremely hard to learn about playscripts and write their own as part of literacy. The writing produced was so amazing that it was used for the LKS2 concert, which parents could enjoy as an end to this fantastic Academic Year.


In Maths the children have become more confident this last half term at multiplying by 2-digit numbers using the columnar method. Year 4 has also become more confident at drawing bar graphs and answering questions related with them. Year 4 is definitely ready to move to Year 5 and start their new learning.


As part of design and technology, our students have learnt all about healthy food and what makes a good breakfast that will keep them going and active for their learning. As a conclusion to our learning, the children made their own healthy breakfast. They designed and chose their ingredients, and evaluated their partner’s breakfast according to a very strict criteria. The result, a delicious breakfast!

In Science Year 4 have learnt all about teeth and the digestive system. We have identified the different types of teeth and their functions. We have also learnt about the consequences of sugary food and fizzy drinks to our teeth. We found out that some of us need to go to the dentist as we could see some cavities. We also explored what happens in every organ of the digestive system during digestion. It was messy and fun!


Children and adults have taken part in sports day. It was an incredible day where all the families accompanied us to enjoy active exercise. From American football, to boxing and races.