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Curwen Primary School


Spring 1 Update

In year 4 we have been learning about resilience in Maths. We’ve been working on breaking codes and tangrams. It was really hard work, even for the teachers! However, we didn’t give up and we kept on trying. These tangrams are fun but tough! We have also been doing loads of exploratory learning to deepen our understanding of mathematical concepts. We had freedom to choose how to find the answer to questions given, however there were rules like not being able to write!

Year 4 has been learning about states of matter, in Science. We classified different objects into solids, liquids and gases to explore our previous knowledge, we learnt about their properties and how particles are organised in the different states. We finished by using NowPressPlay to learn about the Water Cycle and how this is connected to the changes in state.

As part of our Topic, Year 4 has been learning everything about the Kingdom of Benin. We went to the Horniman Museum to explore the history of the Kingdom from the beginning until its end. We also learnt about the artefacts and the trading between the people of Benin and some European countries. Did you know Benin valuables ended up in London? This led us into a fantastic debate about whether we should keep the artefacts or not.

Year 4 has been learning all about poetry in Literacy. We’ve been using similes, metaphors, personifications and many more literary devices. After building up confidence, we worked really hard to write our own poems to take part in the school poetry competition. Well done Leila for being the Year 4 winner! We wish you all the best for the school competition!