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Curwen Primary School


Y5 Termly updates & photos

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  • Summer 1 Update

    Published 24/05/19, by Nazmin Choudhury
    Well this term has absolutely flown by! During Summer 1, we have begun some very important work on our topic of sustainability. This is something that future generations must be educated about in order to ensure that we care for the planet and use su
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  • Spring 2 Update

    Published 05/04/19, by Nazmin Choudhury
    This term has seen year 5 become victorious carnival champions!!! This is the second year in a row that these pupils have won carnival. They worked exceptionally hard during their PE lessons learning a dance routine and executed it exceptionally well
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  • Spring 1 Update

    Published 13/02/19, by Nazmin Choudhury
    The Victorians have been the focus of our topic lessons this term. We have been learning about Victorian life, the similarities and differences between now and then and the how they helped to shape and change the Docklands. For World Book Day, (well,
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  • Autumn 2 Update

    Published 29/11/18, by Nazmin Choudhury
    Within our topic lessons this term we have been continuing to use and develop our knowledge and understanding of ancient Greece. In art we have designed and made Greek pots and masks. We had our parents come to visit us for our Big Outcome where we s
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  • Autumn 1 Update

    Published 17/10/18, by Nazmin Choudhury
    We have learnt so much already this term! We have been learning about Greece and its location within the world, recapping directional language from year 4 and showing off our map skills! Our Greek topic has inspired some great work within computing w
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  • Summer 2 Update

    Published 16/07/18, by Nazmin Choudhury

    Year 5 have had a jam packed Summer term!

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  • Spring 2 Update

    Published 28/03/18, by Noori Khanom
    Year 5 have had a jam packed Spring 2 term! The children have become fully immersed into the topic of The Victorian Era and have applied their knowledge in literacy lessons. The children enjoyed taking part in various drama opportunities and visited
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  • Spring 1 Update

    Published 06/02/18, by Noori Khanom
    Year 5 are enjoying a jam packed Spring term, filled with a wide range of learning experiences both inside and outside of school. In Literacy, we have been learning all about poetry and the children have enjoyed writing and performing their own poems
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  • Autumn Update

    Published 21/11/17, by Matthew Gowdy

    Exploring the solar system,  caving, rock-climing and much more

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  • Summer Update

    Published 24/07/17, by Noori Khanom
    Wow what a busy summer term we have had! The children kicked off their new topic ‘sustainability’ with a visit to the Shell Make the Future Live event at the Olympic Park. Make the Future Live is about bright ideas for a lower-carbon ener
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  • Spring Update

    Published 18/04/17, by Noori Khanom

    Victorians, Carnival and Mini World

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  • Autumn update

    Published 14/12/16, by Matthew Gowdy

    Ancient Greece, Olympic flame torches and discus throwing

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  • Summer update

    Published 14/07/16, by Matthew Gowdy

    Wow! What a term and what a fantastic way to finish off the year! Once again the term has been filled with unforgettable learning experiences and lots of fun…

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  • Summer Concert Rehearsal

    Published 22/06/16, by Matthew Gowdy

    Celebrating the Queens 90th Birthday year.

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  • Spring update

    Published 22/04/16, by Matthew Gowdy

    Victorians and carnival.

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