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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 1


Year 5 has been learning about their identity and their heritage. We shared with the class our family heirlooms and old family pictures. We interviewed our parents to explore traditions, culture and what life was like for them at our age.  We also researched African art, textiles, and patterns. This research was applied to the creation of 3D-models of an animal that inhabits our families’ country of origin.


We have been writing diary entries based on our experience during lockdown. We talked about our feelings, worries, darkest moments and what helped us to stay positive. We reflected on the things that make our life fulfilling and the amazing things we discovered about ourselves; we are more resilient and stronger than we thought we were!


After weeks without school, we came back ready to learn. We have been consolidating our knowledge of properties of numbers, refreshing our memory about odd and even numbers, factors, multiples, square roots and more. We have also been developing our use of Google Classroom, to make sure that no matter what, our learning can continue.