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Curwen Primary School


Summer 1

During Summer 1, year 5 has been learning about materials in science. They have explored properties of materials to select the most appropriate ones to design a windmill. As part of DT, and in preparation for International Week, we have been exploring traditional patterns and fabrics from the two countries we will be representing, Brazil and Colombia. In addition to this, we have designed and sewn our own t-shirts for carnival.

In literacy, we have been working on natural disasters. We have learnt about earthquakes and tsunamis, focusing on detailed descriptions full of literary devices. We have been collecting vocabulary on the topic as well. After learning about the features of narratives, we wrote our own story full of suspense and tension.

 In maths, among other things, we have been learning about perimeter and area. Children moved from simple quadrilaterals to more complex shapes where they had to find out missing sides. In one of the lessons, we worked in groups to find out the perimeter of some shapes using our previous algebra knowledge.