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Curwen Primary School


Spring 2

This half-term, Year 5 has continued their learning about the Victorians. Using NowPressPlay, children had the opportunity to experience what life was like, exploring: mines, factories, railways and the role of children. They also learnt about the social and economic inequality (including the workhouse), and industrial action.


Within our science lessons, we have continued to look at materials. We have conducted some great experiments and made some interesting observations. 


In literacy, we have been reading our class books: Alex Rider (5L), Kensuke’s Kingdom (5B), The Boy at the Back of the Class (5C) and Harry Potter (5T). We have also been researching and reading about our countries for International Week, Romania and Spain. Without a doubt, our favourite thing was celebrating World Book Day and using potatoes to design our favourite characters.


In maths, Year 5 has continued their learning of fractions. We have learnt about fractions of amount, simplifying fractions and how to solve the four operations involving fractions. To finish the topic, we took an assessment to show our great progress.