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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 1


What a fantastic start to Year 5 is has been! The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Ancient Greece in their History lessons. Not only did the children learn about the life and times of the Ancient Greeks, we were lucky enough to welcome the Pakiki Theatre Company to school and watch their interactive performance: ‘Who wants to be an Olympian?’


In Science, they have been learning about Earth and Space, gaining further knowledge about the solar system and comparing the sizes and movement of the different planets. During computing lessons, they extended this learning further by planning and creating a stop-motion animation about either space or the Ancient Greeks.


In literacy, they continued learning and reading about the Ancient Greeks, with a focus on Greek Myths, as well as the Ancient Olympic Games. The children have been honing their reading skills while delving into myths such as: Perseus and The Gorgon Medusa or Persephone and the Pomegranate Seeds. They also wrote non-chronological reports comparing the differences and similarities between ancient and modern Olympic Games.


In maths, we have been learning about properties of numbers and place value. We used concrete resources to represent the digits of a number and used our reasoning skills to tackle real life problems. We have been exposed to lots of new mathematical concepts and vocabulary such as Lowest Common Multiples (LCM), Prime Factors and Indices.