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Curwen Primary School


Summer 2

Literacy and Maths

In literacy and maths, Year 5 has been revising in preparation for the assessments. They have worked extremely hard this year, and this was reflected in their assessments. They have also continued reading the class books: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (5B); Kensuke’s Kingdom (5L); The Boy at the Back of the Class (5T); and Alex Rider: Stormbreaker (5C). This term, Year 5 were learning ratios and proportion. They began with an exploratory lesson that got them to visually see that ratios meant ‘for every’ and proportion meant ‘out of’ the whole.G:\Shared drives\CPS - YG Info & Planning\...Y5\2022-2023\Photos\Maths\Summer\5B 5L\IMG_6720.JPG

G:\Shared drives\CPS - YG Info & Planning\...Y5\2022-2023\Photos\Maths\Summer\5B 5L\IMG_6722.JPG


This term for DT, children learnt about sustainability and created windmills. They measured their materials required to create the windmills. Then they used tools (saws and bench hooks) to cut the wood into the appropriate sizes before assembling it into the frame for their windmills. The children then used computers and the software TinkerCAD to design the sails of the windmill, which was 3D printed for their design. As part of the DT Children also took part in food technology where they explored the different produce in the UK and made Pizzas using local ingredients.

G:\Shared drives\CPS - YG Info & Planning\...Y5\2022-2023\Info\Website updates\Summer 2\IMG_6605.JPG G:\Shared drives\CPS - YG Info & Planning\...Y5\2022-2023\Info\Website updates\Summer 2\IMG_6606.JPG




After learning about Islam, the children took a trip to the mosque, a Muslim place of worship. The Imam presented information about Islam and children were given the opportunity to witness prayer and to take part if they wished. After this, children presented an Eid assembly to their parents via zoom, to showcase their learning and to pass on the information about the prophet.


  G:\Shared drives\CPS - YG Info & Planning\...Y5\2022-2023\Photos\RE\5B\Mosque trip\IMG_6680.JPG G:\Shared drives\CPS - YG Info & Planning\...Y5\2022-2023\Photos\RE\5B\Mosque trip\IMG_6685.JPG

Geography Day

For Geography Day, year 5 went to West Ham park to do a quality survey of their local area. Children had to think about the traffic on the road, how clean their environment was, pollution in the area and if there was evidence of eco solutions along the way. They collected things in the park for their journey stick and compiles a tally chart which they turned into a bar graph showing the number of vehicles they saw on the road.

G:\Shared drives\CPS - YG Info & Planning\...Y5\2022-2023\Photos\Geography Day\5B\IMG_8302.JPGG:\Shared drives\CPS - YG Info & Planning\...Y5\2022-2023\Photos\Geography Day\5B\IMG_8299.JPG  

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