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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2


This term the children have continued exploring the life of the Ancient Greeks. They looked at different sources to find out how the Greeks lived, dressed and were educated. They had conversations about the Minoans and understood the importance of trade for the people of Crete. They explored the difference between Sparta’s and Athens’ government systems and what this meant for their citizens. Children had some time to think about the similarities and differences between these two Greek states as well as how our modern day Britain is in comparison.


Children have been reading their class book and are writing a descriptive piece based on a section of this text. Their grammar and reading skills have all been focused around enjoying and understanding the texts they have been assigned. 5CB is exploring Boy at the back of the class, 5T is sinking their teeth into Stormbreaker, 5PB is enjoying Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone and 5C are diving into Kensuke’s kingdom. All children have spoken about the atmosphere in the text and the words chosen by the author to draw a reader in.


In year 5, children have been learning about the four operations in more detail. They spent some time on each operation and have used their problem solving Curwen core skill to answer questions using these. It has been very important to understand the vocabulary required for each question and to focus on recall of past learning. Children have been able to show off the prior learning of vocabulary related to maths and of strategies needed to solve mathematical problems.