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Curwen Primary School


Spring 1


Year 5 are learning about the Victorians and how they have impacted our lives. They began by doing a Now Press play activity about the life of a Victorian child. The children then went on a trip to the Ragged school museum where they experienced what school was like for Victorian Children. During this time, they also got to see a Victorian kitchen. Back in the classroom, they have been learning about events which occurred during the reign of Queen Victoria, organising these on a timeline and having discussions about trade, the London Docklands and making excellent cross-curricular links with computing.


This team, year 5 got to play around with words in our poetry unit. The children learnt that the normal rules of literacy can be thrown out when writing poetry, because it is about the expression of a poet’s feelings and ideas. All children got to listen to and read a variety of poems by poets, including those from the Victorian era. They then wrote their own poems, including metaphors, similes and hyperbole for effect. Finally, they took some time to learn how to read their poems with fluency and expression and performed it to their classes. What a treat!


During our maths lessons this term, Year 5 has been completing their learning about the four operations, culminating in division and starting their unit on fractions. They learnt that division is useful when sharing things and most are now able to complete bus stop method with decimals. The fraction topic started with an exploratory lesson where children discussed how many parts make a whole and where fractions are used in real life. The next time you are sharing your pizza, your year 5 child should be able to tell you why the slices are not exactly eights when you take the bigger piece!