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Curwen Primary School


Spring 2


This term, year 5 children have been continuing their learning about the Victorians and understanding how the Docklands were important during this period of history. While learning about the theatre in history, they used drama to act out a play by Oscar Wilde – The importance of being Earnest.


In the run up to international week, children have also learnt about sewing techniques and used this to sew their flags onto their t-shirts. Parents were invited in to help their children and other children in the class to do the sewing.




This term, year 5 have been reading their class texts. Children have been focusing on understanding authorial intent and learning the context behind words chosen by the authors. Each class has tremendously enjoyed reading their book. 5CB has been reading Kensuke’s kingdom, 5T has been reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, 5PB has been reading Stormbreaker and 5C has been reading Boy at the back of the class. This term has also been world book day and all children created story jars of their favourite story. This has fostered a real love for reading.




During our maths lessons this term, Year 5 has been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. They have learnt the links between the three and started applying them to real life situations. Children are able to see that 50 percent is the same as half and that is 0.5. This information has been particularly useful when talking to the children about money and converting between pounds and pence.



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