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Curwen Primary School


Autumn Update

Exploring the solar system,  caving, rock-climing and much more

Exploring our solar system at The Royal Observatory in Greenwich

Do you know how long it takes for the Moon to orbit the Earth? Do you know why Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system? Well ask any year 5 child and they will be able to tell you thanks to our visit to The Royal Observatory in Greenwich. The children had a great time, they were treated to a 45-minute  Earth, Sun and Moon show in the planetarium, enjoyed the various exhibition rooms and took part in an interactive workshop with one of the Astronomers at the centre. The visit was linked to our topic in science, and this showed with the number of excellent questions the children were asking.

Caving, rock-climbing and much more

Year 5 enjoyed a 2-day trip to Cheshunt during the autumn term to take part in a variety of outdoor activities. The trip, which included an overnight stay at the YHA Lee Valley, was an amazing success with children taking part in caving, bell-boating and rock-climbing. All the children got involved and for many it was the first time they tried such activities, also for many it was the first time away from home! An experience that they will never forget…  The trip is designed to help children build confidence, leadership skills and to become more independent. It is also excellent preparation for the 3-day visit to Fairplay House in year 6. 

East Ham Nature Reserve, local wildlife and conservation

15 year 5 children enjoyed an afternoon at East Ham Nature Reserve learning all about local wildlife and conservation. The children got their hands dirty by helping to build walkways using recycled aggregates, and created 'Bug Hotels' out of logs and grass.

The session was linked to the schools' drive to developing resilience and perseverance in our pupils, and helping them to work as a team to achieve a common goal.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and hopefully will be returning to the centre in the spring term!