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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 1 Update

We have learnt so much already this term! We started with Democracy Week, where we were able to develop skills including: teamwork, leading and listening carefully. We have also been learning about Greece and its location within the world, recapping directional language from year 4 and showing off our map skills! We are using our Greek topic across the curriculum and have started working towards to filming a version of a Greek Myth using Stop Motion Animation in computing. We have already had the opportunity to use our listening skills while taking part in Now Press Play, where we were immersed into the world of Ancient Greece.  We were also able to put ourselves in the place of a slave, when we used Now Press Play to discover the history of transatlantic slavery as part of Democracy Week.


Our Greek topic has also inspired some great work within literacy where we are in the process of writing some informative non-chronological reports about the ancient and modern Olympic Games.

We have used and developed a range of reading skills, including: vocabulary development and skimming and scanning. We have been able to use our reading as research into the Olympics and can’t have written some amazing non-chronological report.


Within maths we have been working on developing our basic skills and being confident in knowing about properties of numbers. As well as this, we have been brushing up on our times tables and we are determined to be the first year group in the school in which every child is awarded the Platinum Challenge! Wish us luck!