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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2 Update

In topic this half term, we have continued our learning about the Ancient Greeks. We have used Stop Motion Animation in computing to animate Greek Myths. We have been working on our presenting skills this half term; we have been able to explain what we are learning to our teachers, as well as our families, who came in for our Big Outcome. We had the opportunity to dress up as a Greek person. As well as taking part in lessons, we had the chance to go to Stratford East to watch Dick Whittington. We have been able to use our presenting skills to explain the similarities and differences between Greek and Modern theatre.

Literacy: In Literacy this term, we have written our own version of Theseus and the Minotaur. The teachers created a Labyrinth for us, so that we could come up with some amazing, descriptive words. Mr Woolstencroft dressed up as the Minotaur and made us all jump! We have just finished working on an explanation text, which links with our science topic, Space. Our explanation was about the seasons, and why we have day and night. We practised our presenting skills to share our learning with our peers.

Maths: In maths, we have been focusing on the four operations (multiplication, division, addition and subtraction). This is to ensure that we have a solid understanding of arithmetic. We have recently moved on to balancing equations, which is an introduction to algebra. We have used teamwork in maths to learn how to balance equations.