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Curwen Primary School


Spring 1 Update

This term in topic, we have been focusing on the Victorians and the way the Docklands has changed over time. In preparation for this, we took part in the Victorian Britain Now Press Play. As part of this experience, we learned about: The Industrial Revolution (mining, factories, trains – and children’s roles in those), Victorian London, as well as Social and economic inequality and the struggle against it.  We also used role play to empathise with Victorian Dock Workers.

In Literacy, we have written poems and biographies. When preparing to write our poems, some of us were lucky enough to work with Ms Bryan, our resident poetry expert! She gave us lots of ideas which we were able to use in our Victorian poems. We wrote the poems using empathy as our theme. We were then given the opportunity to read our poems aloud. Our Biographies are a work in progress – they are linked to our Victorian topic. Some children have been writing about Charles Dickens and others, Queen Victoria.

In maths, we have had a big focus on basic skills, including: counting forwards and backwards; times table and division facts; the four operations and properties of number. We have also started to look at fractions – this includes simplifying, adding, subtracting and finding equivalent fractions. We used concrete resources to support our understanding.