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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 1

Science and Ancient Greece

We have been really excited to start our Science topic about the Solar System, learning all about the planets, Sun, Moon and stars. Our trip to the Royal Observatory at Greenwich was especially exciting. We took part in a Sun, Moon and Stars workshop and learnt all about the orbit of the Earth, the phases of the Moon and lunar and solar eclipses. Did you know that on the 28th September there was a full lunar eclipse? We learned how this is caused when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon and the Moon is in the Earth’s shadow. The Moon appears to turn red, which is caused by only the red light waves from the sun being able to reach the moon, because the Earth is in the way! We also had a fantastic time experiencing the Planetarium show, where we were expertly guided through space by an astronomer.

We have also started our topic about Ancient Greece. In literacy we have been looking in particular at the ancient Olympic Games and using our newfound knowledge to help us learn how to write non-chronological reports. It has been really interesting to learn all about how the Olympics has changed. It’s amazing to think that the Olympics is still enjoyed by millions of people 2,700 years since it first began!