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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2

Art, Greek life and horrible histories

Looking back at the last half term, Y5 certainly have been busy! We’ve continued with our Solar System topic, expanding our knowledge through investigating the orbit of Earth around the sun, why seasons occur and the phases of our natural satellite, the moon. Our Art topic, Still Life, has given us the opportunity to develop our painting skills, taking inspiration from the symbolism contained in Vanitas art work created by 16th and 17th Century artists. In History, we have continued with our Ancient Greece topic, learning about democracy, aspects of Greek life and the role of theatre. In particular, we thoroughly enjoyed a visit to the Hackney Empire to watch Horrible Histories Groovy Greeks – you’d be amazed at the impact the ancient Greeks still have on the world today!

One of the big highlights of the half term was most definitely the residential trip to Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. For some children, being away from home for the first time was exciting and daunting, all in one. They were in charge of their own bags and clothes, as well as making their own bed! I’m pleased to say they rose to the challenge! However, that was only the beginning…throughout the two days, they were an inspiration to each other, showing determination and perseverance, pushing themselves to achieve in activities that they had never tried before – climbing, caving, bell-boating. An amazing time was had by all, children and staff alike!

“All this in one half term?” I hear you ask. Yes, and much, much more! In fact, ask your Y5 child any of these questions and prepare to be amazed! What is the link between the ancient Greek named Pheidippides and a marathon race? What is it like to be inside a labyrinth? What is the pen and wash technique and how can it be used to create Vanitas still life art work? How can you use an iPad to produce a comic strip?

Spring term promises to be equally as exciting!