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Curwen Primary School


Spring 2

In Literacy this term, we have focused on reading and writing. We started our online learning journey with a week of poetry; we wrote poems relating to World War II.  Following our poetry, we completed a unit of reading which enabled us to develop our reading skills as well as enabling us to find out more about an important figure from World War II. We used the knowledge acquired through reading to write a biography about Anne Frank (6B and 6I), Adolf Hitler (6K) or Winston Churchill (6U). We then completed another reading unit, which helped us to understand what it would have been like living through the war: this helped us with writing our narrative when we returned to school.  In maths, we have covered a range of different topics, including: a recap of the four operations; 2D and 3D shapes; telling the time and reading timetables; Roman Numerals; positive and negative numbers; perimeter, area and volume; units of measure and algebra.

Despite being at home, we have been able to cover many different subjects in our afternoon lessons.
We began by focusing on our history unit (World War II); we focused on propaganda, looked at a range of sources and discussed the significant events of the war. We then completed two weeks of R.E. which was centred around leaders. We discussed all different types of leaders and ended the topic by creating a fact file about a leader, who we chose ourselves. Then came mental health fortnight. All of the afternoon activities for these two weeks were based around the importance of understanding mental health; both ours and others’. We took part in a workshop with KOOTH, which is an online forum for children, where they can talk to professional counsellors about their worries in complete confidence. After noticing some issues with children sharing inappropriate content of social media, we spent two weeks going through the dangers of social media and shared tips with the children for how to stay safe online.

Since being back at school, we have been focusing on writing a Narrative in Literacy. We are following a traditional story structure: Introduction, build-up, dilemma, resolution and ending.

Our stories are about a child being evacuated during World War Two, so we have been able to develop our history knowledge through our Literacy. In Maths, we have continued our journey with algebra, developing our understanding and consolidating our previous learning. We then moved on to looking at sequences and the nth term, which is the last maths topic for this term.

In our afternoon sessions, we have been focusing on science. We have been learning all about electricity. We have had the opportunity to make different types of circuit, including bulbs, batteries, wires, home-made switches, buzzers and motors. We have made both parallel and series circuits. We took part in a Now Press Play session, which helped to deepen our understanding of how circuits work. We made predictions and completed experiments using a control variable, a dependent variable and an independent variable. Moving on from our science unit, we completed a Design and Technology unit, which required us to use our knowledge of circuits to create an electrical game.