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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2

Within history we have been developing our knowledge and understanding of WW2. We have had some great discussions about why wars begin and how propaganda was used within the war – this linked to our previous history topic when we looked at the use of propaganda to portray Queen Victoria. We also went on as a fantastic trip to Chislehurst Caves to learn all about how people sheltered in them during WW2 and what life was really like down there! In our science lessons we have been exploring electricity; we linked in design and technology as well and used Tinkercad software to design and print 3D elements of the electronic board games that we made!

In literacy we have been reading our class books which really help us to develop a love of reading! From this, we have written some wonderful descriptive pieces of writing which use a variety of different literary features. We have explored dystopian worlds and understood more about the characters we’ve been reading about.

Our maths lessons have mostly been focused on fractions, decimals and percentages this half term. We have been deepening our understanding of what these are and how they link with one another. At times we have found some of the work challenging, but we have persevered and worked very hard to cement our understanding. Some pupils have also been looking at area and perimeter.