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Curwen Primary School


Spring 2


In Spring term, year 6 have been learning about micro-organisms in science. They have enjoyed learning the differences between bacterial and viral infections and have been able to link this back to the coronavirus. The children have enjoyed taking part in an experiment, focusing on which environment mould thrives in. In Geography, the children have been working on their map skills. This has included: directional language, looking at a range of maps and recapping 6-figure grid references.


In PSHE, we have discussed relationships and different types of families – a subject that the children found very interesting and were able to talk about confidently.


During literacy lessons, the children have written narratives from the perspective of a child in World War II. This has enabled them to develop their empathy skills. They have also learned how to describe characters and settings effectively. Here is an extract from one of the year 6 children’s writing.




Year 6 pupils have worked very hard so far this term in maths lessons. They have finished off their unit on algebra and the nth term. As well as this, they have learned how to read and plot coordinates in all four quadrants. The children can now apply this knowledge to work out the missing point of a shape.