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Curwen Primary School


Summer 2 Update

During Summer 2 the year 6 pupils have been extremely busy! They have been on many of their celebration trips – Legoland, Nandos, to the cinema and the park, as well as some educational visits – such as the Natural History Museum, where they completed an evolution workshop to enhance their scientific understanding of evolution. We had a great time learning about Darwin’s theory of evolution!

As well as enhancing our learning through educational visits, we have been extremely busy in school too. We practised and performed our summer concert; had great fun at sports day and have been learning about the Vikings. Whilst learning about the Vikings we made clay weapons and jewellery, and longboats out of recycled items during our ‘no paper’ day. We also learnt about Alfred the Great – do you know why he was so great? Our favourite Viking weapons are swords, axes and shields.

Within literacy this half term we have been focusing on speaking and listening. This has been through the performance of our amazing year 6 musical – Shakespeare Rocks, as well as in our History topic – the Vikings. It has been great fun and we are developing great confidence and stage presence. In history we have used our debating and persuasive skills to help us develop a deeper understanding of historical terms.

As our pupils move on from Curwen and out in to the big wide world we have been supporting them by teaching them useful skills. One such skill has been cooking. Year 6 all took part in a series of DT lessons where they designed and made pasta bakes. The pupils learnt about health and safety, cutting skills and measuring in context. Everyone enjoyed their pasta bakes!