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Curwen Primary School


Spring update

World War 2 and International week

Our topic this term were ‘Changes in the East End during and after World War II’

Through lessons and alongside trips to Chislehurst Caves and The Churchill War Rooms, Year 6 have learnt about the causes and effects of war.

If you scroll further down below you can find some entertaining newspaper reports about events of WWII and how these significant moments in history shaped the world we live in today.

International week – The Commonwealth

We ran an orienteering activity that helped children learn about different Commonwealth countries. They had to answer questions using fact files that were positioned all around the Year 6 classrooms.

We wrote, produced and directed two award winning plays about ‘The Windrush’ These plays helped explain the stories of the people who travelled from the Caribbean to Britain, in 1943, to help rebuild the country after World War II.

We held a Commonwealth food tasting extravaganza. Children had to guess what type of food they were eating and say which Commonwealth country it was from.