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Curwen Primary School


Challange day

The children at Curwen Primary School have been working on Enabling Enterprise (EE) topics for the whole of the Autumn term. These topics involve using and developing the EE ‘Challenge Skills’.

On Friday 4th December 2015, Curwen Primary School held an ‘Apprentice’ style sell off event as a culmination of the children’s Autumn terms topics. Over the course of the term each year group worked on developing a product which they could sell on the day of the event. They also learnt the importance of advertising material to create a buzz and draw in customers; exploring what was involved in making a profit as well as developing customer service skills. Each project linked to different areas of the curriculum to further embed their learning. For example Year 2 linked their sales product to their Ghana Topic, whilst Year 6 linked their product to Literacy and Shakespeare in the form of a play.

On the day the Enabling Enterprise team led an assembly to set ‘The Challenge’, after which the children spent the morning preparing for the afternoon sale. Parents were invited in to attend and take part in the whole day’s activities. They joined their children in class and had the chance to get involved with making products as well as learning about the Challenge Skills.

After the assembly, a parent workshop was held by a member of the EE team. Many parents attended and found out all about what EE is, why we do it at Curwen and how it can help develop the children not only academically but in everyday life.

Throughout the morning many parents visited the ‘Game Stations’ which were running in the communal areas of the school led by a member of staff. At each station the children and parents could play many different problem solving activities to help them develop the Challenge Skills. They thoroughly enjoyed using the different equipment. Parents spoke about how the activities were fun and that they would be able to carry them out at home with their children as a way of developing the skills further.

The sale took place in the afternoon session. At 1 pm Year 6 kicked it all off with their popular Shakespeare performance. Many parents and children throughout the school came to watch the children perform, which was a great success. At 2 pm the rest of the school joined in the sale all the way from Nursery up to Year 6. Within each classroom and around the school children were heavily engaged in serving customers, moving around school advertising and promoting their businesses, dealing with money and change successfully and doing their best to raise as much money as possible.

The school raised £877.03 profit after taking into consideration the money spent during the term on their projects. A winning year group will be announced at the next assembly with regards to ‘who made the most profit’. Alongside this one class from Key Stage 1 and one class from Key stage 2 will be chosen for ‘best sales techniques’ and ‘customer service’. Half the money raised will go towards developing playground equipment, whilst the other half will go to a charity chosen by the School Council children.

Overall the day was extremely successful and the children, parents and teachers thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

The Impact

  • The day allowed for the children to develop their mathematical thinking skills. They explored using money in the real world. They were able to apply what they learn during lessons to real life situations, encouraging them to think hard about what they priced their products at in order to make profits. The younger children also had the chance to experience giving correct change from tricky amounts such as notes.
  • The Challenge Day helped the children deepen their understanding of the wider world and the importance of thinking through what they were going to sell and how they were going to sell it. They thought about products that they would like to buy themselves as well as what makes the most money in the real shops. Within their topics they explored all these ideas in order to create the most profitable product.
  • Throughout the day children worked on developing many challenge skills. They stayed positive and built up resilience whilst finalising their products and during the selloff, even when they didn’t have many customers they worked hard to promote and market their products. All the children worked as teams collaboratively with their peers and parents, for a sole purpose of selling their product to make the biggest profit. 

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