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Curwen Primary School


Baseball Festival

Curwen had a fantastic time at Ranelagh Primary School on Friday 22nd September celebrating the
launch of Ranelagh Rockets.
A team of 10 children participated in a Baseball festival on the new diamond court at Ranelagh,
trying their hand at a range of pitching, throwing and batting activities. They also got to play some
small-sided games against North Beckton, Kensington and Ranelagh where they could showcase
their fantastic baseball skills.
The children thoroughly enjoyed it and are very much looking forward to playing Baseball again
Well done to these children who represented the school amazingly: Rafin (6A), Diana (6C), Tatyana
(6C), Lorenzo (6R), Sumaiya (6R), Khalil (6R), Ashana (6R), Sufyaan (6K), Jaynie (5T), Thiago (5T).