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Curwen Primary School


TTLT Gymnastics Competition

On Friday 15th March, the Key Stage 1 and 2 Curwen gymnastics team participated at the TTLT Gymnastics competition and put on a fantastic performance. The team showcased their skills in a variety of gymnastics routines and impressed both the judges and spectators and fellow pupils.

After a stunning routine of flips, tumbles, and balances choreographed to Dua Lipas: Dance the night away, the Key Stage 2 Curwen gymnastics team finished in second place overall. The team members worked exceptionally well together, supporting each other and pushing themselves to reach new heights in their routines.

The Key stage 1 Gymnastic team also achieved great success, taking home the gold medal in their category. The team delivered a fantastic performance, showcasing their strength, flexibility, and coordination.

The young gymnasts wowed the judges with their graceful routines and daring moves, earning high scores across the board. Their teamwork and dedication were evident throughout the competition, with each member supporting and encouraging their teammates to perform at their best.

Special mention to Mercy (6K) who’s individual excellence was highlighted by the judges and rewarded with the outstanding gymnast of the day.

Congratulations to the Key stage 1 and 2 Curwen Gymnastic team on their gold medal and silver medal win at the TTLT Gymnastics competition! We look forward to seeing their continued success in future competitions.