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Curwen Primary School


TTLT Cricket Competition

The Year 2 team has emerged victorious in the TTLT Cricket Competition, showcasing their exceptional talent and teamwork on the field. The competition, held on 1st March 2024, saw intense matches between various teams from different year groups.

Year 2 displayed their prowess in batting, bowling, and fielding throughout the tournament, dominating their opponents with their skilful gameplay. Their strategic approach and strong camaraderie allowed them to outplay their competitors and ultimately clinch the gold medal.

The team members showed great sportsmanship and determination, never giving up even in the face of tough challenges. Their hard work and dedication paid off as they secured victory in the final match, demonstrating their commitment to excellence in the sport of cricket.

Congratulations to the Year 2 team for their impressive performance and well-deserved win in the TTLT Cricket Competition. Their achievement is a testament to their talent and dedication, and they have truly made their school proud. Well done, Year 2!