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Curwen Primary School


Day 3 - Royal Palace of La Granja 

Royal Palce of La Granja, Segovia and water fountains

After school yesterday we visitied the Royal Palace of La Granja  in the lush hills of Segovia. The palace, which belonged to the Spanish monarchy duringt the 18th Century, is now a popular visitors site. We enjoyed the impressive rooms decorated with the finest ardornments as well as the magnificently sculptured mythological fountains. We had the rare opportunity to run around and soak ourselves in the fountains, cooling off from the hot Spanish sun. The fountains which are very impressive are only open to the public 4 times a year. Many of the children stated that they had, had the best time of their lives.

Quotes from our Children:

´this is the best trip ever´

´I´m not going home, I want to live in Spain´

Íf you wash my clothes I can stay here another week´

´Can you imagine what your life would be like having a garden this big?´

´The palace is breathtaking´

´You need to get in the fountain and start living life´