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Curwen Primary School


Nursery Termly update & photos

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  • Autumn 2 Update

    Published 01/08/19, by Nazmin Choudhury
    This term has been very eventful; we have been learning lots about ourselves and our families. We performed an assembly and our first nativity for our parents to come and watch this was very exciting. Our assembly was all about Diwali, the festival o
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  • Autumn 1 Update

    Published 18/10/18, by Nazmin Choudhury
    This term the nursery children have been settling in and making new friends. They are now able to say good morning to the nursery team and goodbye to their parents. The children are happy during their time in nursery. They have been learning the nurs
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  • Summer 2 Update

    Published 11/07/18, by Nazmin Choudhury
    This has been an exhilarating term. We have been learning all about growing and looking closely at how things change. We grew our own beans, watched the chicks hatch and visited the London Aquarium. We even got to see the Tower of London and the Lond
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  • Spring 2 Update

    Published 28/03/18, by Noori Khanom
    ‘People and places that help us’ This term the children have been very busy learning all about the people who help them in their local community such as firefighters, police, paramedics and doctors. We asked the children to make vehicl
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  • Spring 1 Update

    Published 09/02/18, by Noori Khanom
    It has been a busy spring term for the nursery children. We have been doing lots of new things from cooking to interactive story telling. The children are enjoying visiting the school library, they are able to choose their own book that they want
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  • Autumn 2

    Published 05/01/18, by Teo Ion
    This term has been very busy, we have been learning lots about different celebrations and our families. We even did an assembly for our parents to come and watch this was very exciting. Our assembly was all about Guru Nanak. We celebrated his birt
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  • Autumn Update

    Published 05/01/18, by Teo Ion


    Nursery showed our Parents/Carers all that we had learned about Guru Nanak and the Sikh religion. Our parents were asked to come and watch a small assembly where we discussed Guru Nanak, The 5 K's and also learnt about our different teachers religions. Most importantly we learnt to respect others.


    After a mixture of maths, singing and showing our understanding of the world. Our parents could stay and play with us, here we had fun making birthday cakes with shaving foam, we created candles out of play dough, we coloured various pictures of places of worship. Our Parents could stay and join in and share with the fun, learning experience we have at Nursery.




    Parent feedback from the assembly:

    “So impressed with the Guru Nanak class assembly. The children did an amazing job, as did the teachers!”

    “It was a very nice show. The teachers worked really hard! Well done.”

    “Excellent-very informative. Well teachers and kids.”

    “Good to see that children learn very well and you guys are very cooperative and helpful.”

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  • Autumn 1

    Published 18/10/17, by Noori Khanom
    We have enjoyed our first term in Nursery. We enjoy coming to school every day and have made lots of friends. This term we have been settling into Nursery through music and movement. We have been learning all about our nursery routines and how to loo
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  • Summer Update

    Published 18/07/17, by Matthew Gowdy

    Animals, Ark Farm, Sports Day and Messy Play

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  • Summer Update

    Published 14/06/17, by Matthew Gowdy

    Drama, Chicks and Tropical Wings

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  • Spring Update

    Published 08/03/17, by Noori Khanom

    What we have learnt in Nursery in the Spring Term so far

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  • Spring Update

    Published 07/02/17, by Noori Khanom

    Nursery’s Visit to Discover

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  • Autumn update

    Published 14/12/16, by Matthew Gowdy

    Learning about ourselves , library visits and our first nativity performance

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  • Summer update

    Published 12/07/16, by Matthew Gowdy

    Mini Zoo and and Sports day

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  • Spring update

    Published 25/05/16, by Matthew Gowdy

    Tropical wings,  gardening and group time

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