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Curwen Primary School


Spring 2

This term it has been amazing for us all to come back together again in Nursery!

We have had such a fun time in meeting and playing with our friends again. We have explored a lot outside and developed our physical development skills and enjoyed playing tag and hide and seek with the adults and our friends.

This term we have been learning about People who help us, we have learnt about Doctors and medical staff, Firefighters and Police officers, shopkeepers and have even made our own Curwen Market!

We have read a series of books called Busy people at Storytime these included stories about police officers, firefighters, teachers, dentists, vets and opticians. We continued to put key events from a text into sequence and understanding that stories have a beginning, middle and end. We have been empathising with the characters and discussing how we would feel during certain emergency situations. We have also been strengthening our questioning skills asking different questions about the characters or scenarios such as “What would happen if?” “Do you think that?”

Building on from our story time, we listened to another traditional tale using Now Press Play.  We listened to Little Red Riding Hood, the children were able to carefully listen to the story and begin to use their body to act out the story following the adults.

In our maths activities we have selected a small number of objects from a group using fire engines and flames, we are beginning to make comparisons between quantities such as more, less. We are beginning to understand that a group of things change in quantity when some things are added or taken away.

We have been matching in numeracy, specifically objects to the relevant people who help us, we have been able to complete puzzles and also design and build our own fire stations using bricks.

The children have settled back into the routines, able to follow instruction and beginning to build their relationships with their friends.

Spring home learning

During home learning the children attended daily zoom sessions. These included a range of topics and activities to support the children and families at home. We did introduce some sounds, numbers and read lots of stories linked to our learning and the children’s interest.


We learnt all about different Traditional tales and have read lots of books such as Goldilocks, Jack and the beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs. We have spoken about the characters in the story, the settings and learnt about the structure of a story including the beginning, middle and end.

The children who have attended Nursery have done lots of activities, making masks, necklaces and puppets to name just a few! We strengthened our skills in cutting, drawing and learnt new skills such as making porridge!

We were even lucky enough to have snow, where we learnt about weather and experienced fun games with our friends.