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Curwen Primary School


Autumn Update


Nursery showed our Parents/Carers all that we had learned about Guru Nanak and the Sikh religion. Our parents were asked to come and watch a small assembly where we discussed Guru Nanak, The 5 K's and also learnt about our different teachers religions. Most importantly we learnt to respect others.


After a mixture of maths, singing and showing our understanding of the world. Our parents could stay and play with us, here we had fun making birthday cakes with shaving foam, we created candles out of play dough, we coloured various pictures of places of worship. Our Parents could stay and join in and share with the fun, learning experience we have at Nursery.




Parent feedback from the assembly:

“So impressed with the Guru Nanak class assembly. The children did an amazing job, as did the teachers!”

“It was a very nice show. The teachers worked really hard! Well done.”

“Excellent-very informative. Well teachers and kids.”

“Good to see that children learn very well and you guys are very cooperative and helpful.”